Terms and Conditions General:

By browsing the website and/or placing an order you agree to the terms and conditions as outlined below.

Majestic Electronics Global of Companies has the right to amend these terms and conditions without notice.

The products on this website are only available for sale to individuals who can make legally binding contracts.  The products are not available to any persons under the age of 18 and any other persons who are legally prohibited from entering into binding contracts.

The products features and specifications described on the website are subject to change without notice.

Online Pricing:

Majestic Electronics Global of Companies pricing has been structured to ensure that you as a customer can get the best possible product for the best possible price. Our prices are there to ensure that you can buy directly from Majestic Electronics directly or from your local dealer. Regardless of where you purchase the product Majestic Electronics Global of Companies is here to standby our products and give you the service and support that we have done since we started in 2000 and our reputation for reliability and quality is why we are world leaders in 12 Volt entertainment.

All invoices issued will include the Tax which is appropriate for each country.

Should you require a copy of your invoice please contact us and we will be more than happy to send you a copy.

All prices displayed on the website are subject to change at any time without notice and are subject to availability. E&OE.

All product prices listed on the website exclude delivery costs.

Priority of Order when out of Stock:

Our Global policy for orders to be shipped when we are out of stock is:

First: Customers that prepay their orders will receive the stock first.
Second: Boat Builders and RV manufacturers will receive the stock that is ordered next.
Third: All back orders on account or waiting on payment will be shipped last.

Our warehouse team will give you an approximate delivery date and keep you informed of the progress of that shipment.


Majestic Electronics Global of Companies has teamed up with PayPal for our online credit card payments. PayPal is known worldwide for safe and secure payments and their website has all the security measures to ensure your transaction is safe, smooth, seamless and totally secure. PayPal is a free service where customer payments can be made by MasterCard,  Visa or even from your own bank account. 

Returns Policy:

Majestic Electronics Global Policy is we will offer a 7 day return policy from date of purchase if the product is defective in any manner. All returns need to be emailed to returns@majesticelectronics.com for an authorisation number prior to return, without this authorisation number Majestic has the rights to charge an admin fee of 10% of the value of goods for processing.

There is a standard $15 re-stocking fee per item returned. 

Faulty or Damaged Goods:

Majestic Electronics Global Policy is we will replace the product within 7 days of date of purchase if the product was identified as damaged in transit (photos will be required with your email).

Refunds and Returns:

The conditions are that the product 
1. Must be returned in the same packaging, in an “As New” condition. 
2. All parts and accessories must be included. Any parts not included will be deducted from the credit. 
3. You the customer pays the return freight. 
4. The credit will not include your original freight charge – you will only be refunded the value of the product.

Warranty Service Process:

If the product is older than 7 days, then you as the customer are required to pay the costs to courier the product to our closest authorised service center.
The product will be assessed by our service team and if it is a warranty claim the repair (including parts, labour and return freight) will be covered under warranty.

Repair, Replace, Refund:

Repair is the first option, and we will do everything we can to have this done in a timely manner.
Replacement will only be an option if the warranty repair cannot be done in a timely manner.
Refund will only be an option if we cannot replace the product, this will be done with the dealer directly that you purchased the product from. 

Pixel Defect and warranty coverage:

A “Defective Pixel” is one that is black and does not exhibit any colour changes and normally seen easiest on a White screen.
A “Stuck Pixel” is one that is stuck on a particular colour that does not change as required (example stuck on Red, or Green or Blue).
Panel manufacturers specifications state the definition of a Defective Pixel as:
One or more “Defective Pixels” – is classed as a Panel failure. This is covered only within the first 12 months of Majestic Warranty Terms and is not covered by the extended warranty.
Two or more “Stuck Pixels” - is classed as a Panel failure. This is covered only within the first 12 months of Majestic Warranty Terms and is not covered by the extended warranty.

Mailing List and Special Vouchers:

From time to time Majestic Electronics will release specials for limited times or limited stock. These sales can only be obtained through the use of our special voucher discounts. These vouchers will only be able to be obtained by being enrolled in our mailing list which we will contact you directly.

Online Dealers and OEM’s Terms and Conditions:

All Dealers and OEM’s must sign and accept the hard copy of “Online Dealer and OEM trading terms and conditions” this signed copy will  be classified as your “Terms and Conditions”, if you have not accepted this you will not be able to use the full online facilities.

Online accounts must abide by all Terms and Conditions as well as keeping you account up to date. Failure to keep your account up to date may mean that your account will be limited with its access, or limited with payment options, or be terminated. 

Privacy Policy

Protecting your personal Information:

Majestic Electronics Global Policy administers as many precautions as possible, technical, and physical to protect your personal information against loss, misuse, theft or any unauthorised use.

Our webpages use Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption on pages where personal information is collected, this protects the confidentially of your personal information when it is transmitted over the internet.

When setting up an account you will be asked to provide your personal information to allow Majestic Electronics Limited to identify you as the user and access to this account. We collect information, such as, name, address, date of birth, cookies, and email address. We do not collect your credit card information in any manner, we do not have any access to it, as we directly transfer you to a third party, PayPal.com to execute the payment process.

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