Majestic Electronics is the Global Leader in 12 Volt Entertainment products. Established in Australia in 2000, Majestic has been engineering and developing world leading 12 Volt Entertainment for the Marine and RV environment which can be found on 5 continents around the world.

We were the world’s first company to engineer 12 Volt LCD TV’s in 2000 and since then have been leading the industry with state of the art technology such MMMI (Majestic Multi Media Interface) to allow you to connect your phone or tablet to the TV so you can access millions of apps, Ultra Low Current Power Draw so you won't drain your batteries from watching too much TV, One Touch Auto Scan on the TV remote so you can quickly re-tune your TV when you move to a different location, and Global TV Tuners to work in over 150 Countries Internationally.

Our main focus for Majestic was to develop products that would be able to withstand an environment that far exceeds what consumer branded products can. This was done through working with local boat and RV manufacturers, providing outstanding support and ensuring that every model was an improvement on the previous one. With quality and performance far exceeding the consumer brands many marine and RV manufacturers and customers embraced the Majestic brand. With products now exported globally and new products continuously under development, Majestic is leading the world in 12 Volt Electronics.

You can be assured that with our experience in engineering products for over 15 years that our products will survive and perform better than any domestic branded versions when subjected to the tough marine or harsh outback environment, we know this because we stand behind our product with a FREE 3 year international warranty.