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How do I set the Clock in the DVD5800?

To set the Clock in the DVD5800:


1. Push & hold clock button (the hour digits will flash)

2. Turn the dial to selected hour

3. Push dial (minute digits will flash)

4. Turn dial to selected minutes

5. Push clock button to set

Will the Majestic DVD5800 unit play movies from a portable disk drive as well as a USB stick?

Hi there, Yes the DVD will play movies, music and images through the USB and SD Card provided the files are windows formats.

Below is a list of what works on both USB and SD Card.

DVD5800 USB formats

What is the biggest USB you can use on the DVD5800 (what size stick or hard drive) . . .

The largest we recommend is 500GB anything larger may have issues in being able to create an index and show all your media.